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After always being very inflexible and then exacerbating the problem by playing lots of sports and disregarding warming up and cooling down properly Oscar found himself with incredibly tight muscles. His mother had always told him to try yoga and he finally decided to give it a go. He loved it and was surprised to feel the benefits immediately, not just physically but also mentally. He decided it would be a career he would like to pursue and completed his Teacher Training with Fierce Grace in 2016. Oscar says, “I feel yoga can give one a better understanding of themselves and I feel lucky to be able to help people along their journey. I feel in this crazy world we live in we need help to find balance and clarity and I believe yoga contributes to this massively.” He enjoys all types of sports and activity and loves to share these passions with others.

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Teacher Training with Fierce Grace in 2016

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Yoga Test Beginner

(4.9 - 4 reviews)
20 Jul 2018 DATE
10:00 - 10:30 (EDT) TIME
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Yoga Test

Yoga Test

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