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I am Gaynor, co-founder of The Yoga Club UK & I am sometimes also known as the Creaky Yogi. This is because aside from being
qualified to teach hatha flow & yin yoga I also specialise in yoga for chronic conditions and pain management. I am passionate about helping people, like myself, to use yoga to help improve joint health, manage anxiety and deal with pain.
I'm not super serious and I like to have fun and I think my classes reflect this.
In class we will work on bringing the body, mind and breathing together as this is where the magic happens. You can expect to use your body fully and leave feeling better than when you arrived.
Don’t worry if you are new to yoga as it isn’t about cutting the perfect shape, being bendy or looking great in lycra. The focus of my yoga class is you and your progression and it really doesn’t matter where this journey starts.

Accreditations Accreditations:

Yin yoga TT50
Restorative Yoga

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Chair Yoga for Joint Health Beginner

(5.0 - 1 review)
3 Sep 2017 DATE
04:00 - 04:45 (EDT) TIME
£1.00 COST
1 / 35 BOOKED
Chair Yoga for Joint Health

Chair Yoga for Joint Health

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Chair Yoga for Joint Health

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