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Lois Beim

Lois Beim







I am not only a qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor and specialist in exercise for pre and post natal, but I am also a mother of three young children myself. Following the birth of my children I suffered from back and shoulder pain. Breast-feeding, lifting and looking after small children aggravated an old injury that I had before motherhood and I was unable to lift my right arm. On the rare occasions that the children managed to sleep at night, I was in far too much pain to do the same. That all has changed. I now have full range of motion in both my arms, great posture, no back pain, a strong core and a strong and functional body which is pain free and able to more than keep up with three active young children. I have more energy, vitality, confidence and self-esteem. I achieved all of this through exercise, and I want to help you to do the same. I know women's bodies, and I am patient and kind, whilst also pushing you to achieve your goals. I have had major successes with my clients in rebuilding their bodies, their confidence and helping them to look bloody fantastic too! Book now and see how I can help you.

Accreditations Accreditations:

Level 3 personal trainer & nutritional adviser
Specialist in creating exercise for pre and post natal
Kettle bells


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