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Fitswarm opens the door to an incredible selection of live and interactive fitness sessions, delivering the world’s most renowned instructors directly to you via an internet connection. From HIIT to Hula, Strength to Spinning, Aerobics to Ashtanga and Barre to BootCamp – you can find it all here.

  • There is no contract or membership fee. You pay only for the classes you want to attend.
  • Its simple to get started - all you need is a device, webcam and internet access.
  • Classes are graded beginner/intermediate/advanced, so you know what you're getting yourself into!

You can attend a class of your choosing at a date, time and location of your choice. Whether it is your front room, your office, your garden or your hotel room, with Fitswarm there is no need to travel to your class. Stay where you are and let the class come to you!

This is the future of exercise and it’s available to you in just a few clicks.

Equipment needed

Hardly any equipment is needed and it’s really simple to get started. All you need is:

  • device that can connect to the internet - laptop/desktop computer, Microsoft tablet, or Android phone (an Ipad will be an option shortly - watch our newsfeed page for details). 
  • A webcam
  • Good internet access - minimum 2 Mg download and 2Mg upload speed. To check your speed is adequate, complete the Fitswarm System Checks – available here. It is advisable that you run through this quick and simple check before booking, also if you're using the system in a new location. You can also visit to perform a very quick speed test.
  • Google Chrome is the star performer but you can also use Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera.

To massively enhance the experience, use kit that you probably having lying around:

  • Grab an HDMI cable, pop it into your laptop / desktop and connect to your home TV or projector. This will pass the video and sound from your device into your TV/external display for a far superior workout experience!
  • Connect your device to external speakers or use wireless headphones, for superior tunes while you tango!

Before you book a session, you should complete a ‘System Check’ on the Fitswarm website (scroll down to the 2nd page of the ‘How it Works’ section). This will help make sure that your equipment can be used with Fitswarm. If you change your equipment, location, or internet access, it is advisable to repeat this quick and simple test ahead of a session.

Find the right class

The right class, the right instructor, the right moment.

To search, go to Discover Classes (top right-ish of the screen), enter the type of class or class name you are looking for (e.g. Yoga or step aerobics), click Search, then sit back and view a list of sessions. Or, to search for an Instructor, simply type their name into Search. This will allow you to view all the classes in their schedule.

You can then make a choice based on the class information and Instructor profiles provided, or you can refine your search results by entering:

  • class name or instructor name, date and time
  • class type e.g. HIIT, Dance, Yoga, Strength
  • whether the class accepts bulk payments (10 for the price of 8 etc.)
  • The average star rating (the star ratings are a good way to judge whether others have enjoyed classes by this instructor)

You can also order the search results, by choosing one of the following from the 'sort' button in the top right(ish):

  • Classes starting soon
  • Popular instructors
  • Price: high to low
  • Price: low to high

Once you have found the class you wish to join, click Book and you will be taken through to a payment options page. All booked classes are displayed on your ‘My Classes’ page.

Make sure you check your diary before paying as a booking cannot be amended.


  •  You can choose to purchase a single class or save money by making a bulk payment for a series of classes (if that is available from your chosen instructor).
  • Once you’ve made your choice, you can pay by card or by PayPal.
  • Fitswarm does not hold your payment details - payment details are provided by directly to Paypal, or the 3rd party secure payment gateway.
  • Should you wish to not re-enter your payment details for each future booking, tick the box on the bottom of the payment screen. This saves a unique ID with your Fitswarm account, that will allow the re-use of your payment-gateway-stored details in subsequent bookings. Un-ticking the box will remove the encrypted ID.
  • Whilst all prices are quoted in UK Sterling, you can change currency to US Dollars or Euros at the checkout. The price you pay may be subject to any charges from your bank, however if the currency selected is the currency of your card account, the charges are likely to be zero. Other currencies will be available soon.

Bulk Payments

  • It is possible to purchase bulk payments with some Instructors, providing better value for money when purchasing more sessions e.g. 10 for the price of 8.
  • Instructors can set up 2 one-to-one bulk payments and 2 group bulk payments, at prices of their choice. N.B. a 1:1 bulk payment cannot be used for a group sessions and vice versa. 
  • Bulk payments can be purchased at the checkout, when booking a class.
  • Outstanding bulk payment credits can be seen in the 'My Bulk Classes' page.
  • When purchasing a class for which you have an eligible bulk payment credit, you will be offered the choice to use the bulk payment on the checkout page.
  • Bulk payments have a set duration for which they are valid, after which the remaining credits expire. The duration (30 / 60 / 90 days) is set by each individual instructor. The expiry is clearly visible when purchasing the bulk payment.

Before the class

Set reminders for the class

Reminders can be automatically sent to you via SMS text message and / or email at a number of designated notice periods e.g. 15 minutes, 1 hour and 24 hours before a class is due to start.

Go to 'my communications' and you have the option to adjust your reminders.

Invite friends

The more the merrier and its really simple to do. Just visit the Discover My Classes page and simply click on Invite Friend. Enter a name and email address, then click Invite. Your friend will receive an email from Fitswarm which will contain a link that will allow them to book on the class too.  It couldn’t be easier!

Live class - expectations

Classes are not pre-recorded; they are live and streamed in real time, creating an opportunity to interact with instructors and receive bespoke instruction.

  • No other class participants will be able to see you. You (and other class participants) can only see the instructor.
  • If there are others participating in the class, the Instructor will be able to see everyone.

Be aware  that the Instructor will be able to see some of your surroundings - how much will depend on your webcam position. Before you begin a class, it is worth just checking you have nothing on show you wouldn’t want the Instructor to see.

You will not be able to hear other class participants talking to the instructor, but you will hear the instructor talking to them.

Depending upon the size of the class, the Instructor may or may not immediately respond to you (exactly like a face-to-face class), as this could impact the experience of the class for other participants. Obviously the smaller the class, the more personal attention you are likely to receive.

  • Set up your equipment a few minutes before the session is due to start
    • Ensure you're connected to the internet
    • It is advised that no-one else is using the internet in your location
    • Position your webcam carefully so that all of you is visible in the bottom-right image (as this what the instructor will see)
    • Connect your device to your TV and HIFI, where appropriate
  • Ensure you have c. 6 ft of space in which to take the session
  • Ensure you are wearing clothing appropriate for the session
  • Ensure you have the appropriate equipment if any is required for the session

After the class

When the session has finished, a new screen will appear from which you will have a number of options.You will be able to:

  • Rate the class from 1-5 stars (the more you enjoyed it, the more stars you give).
  • Share your experience on social media
  • Book another class
  • Make a bulk booking with that instructor
  • Send a private message to that Instructor
  • Report that instructor
Star Rating

Your star rating contributes towards the Instructor’s average Star Rating, that is publically displayed on that Instructor’s Profile page and with every class published by that instructor. This will act as a key indicator of the Instructor’s quality, as graded by class participants.

Social Media

Absolutely #Fitswarmers! You can share on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram at the end of every class. Fitswarm has a presence on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to post your thoughts and reviews using #fitswarm. 


If you enjoyed the class and want to be invited to future classes, you can 'follow' the instructor on their Profile page. Likewise, you can also Unfollow an Instructor at any time. We really hope you will never have to do this, but you can report your Instructor. Simply click Report Instructor on the Instructor's Profile page and provide details. A response will be issued within 24hrs.


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