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21 Jan 2018


07:00 - 08:30 (EST)


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MMA Martial Arts



Sue Wilkie
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Raise the bar on your health, fitness and life! If you want to learn the right way to do something, learn from the best. Whether you're new to fitness and want to lose weight, or just looking to vary your routine, improve your technique, or take it to the next level and compete, I can help you reach your fitness goals!

My specialties are strength training, form and technique, weight loss, toning/sculpting, and power lifting. I offer a specialized approach to fitness training, creating a unique regimen tailored to your body and fitness goals -- motivation and accountability included! I have helped countless clients lose weight/bodyfat, increase strength, and have taken some of them all the way to winning competitions!

As a highly motivated exercise professional and it is my duty to ensure my clients have a safe, challenging, fun and exciting session each and every time and I will use my expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Accreditations Accreditations:

UK Lead Trainer Triggerpoint Performance
Master Trainer freeFORM Board
BOSU Master Trainer
Total Gym Master Trainer
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Sports Nutritional Adviser
IIST Sports Therapist
Circuits Instructor
Studio Spinning Instructor
HND Science and Management of Health and Fitness

MMA training

At Fight Firm, we understand that a majority of people cannot afford to be injured. Our classes are designed to be safe with a strong emphasis on getting a great workout while learning fundamental techniques. Because we have a competition team and there are those who like a hands on approach, we do offer the option to spar and simulate a fight situation in a safe environment with proper equipment. This is typically not part of the class curriculum and set outside of class times with coach/instructor approval. MMA stands for mixed martial arts. That is exactly what our MMA striking class represents. It is the fusion of striking martial arts put together into a hybrid dynamic striking style. We do not believe there is one “best” style. Some ideas and concepts that we use to build our style are taken from Boxing, Muay Thai, and some traditional martial arts. Partnering up and working on combos, defense, counters, footwork, and forms through drills and padwork is the main channel of learning in class.

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