Virtual fitness and wellbeing for your people…

Live & Face to Face
Empower your patients, colleagues and clients to improve their physical and mental performance, wherever they are...

The ultimate facilitator of group wellbeing

Fitswarm enables online face to face fitness and wellbeing classes, live with an expert instructor - empowering organisations to support improved health and wellbeing, with amazing flexibility and control, at low cost.

Complete engagement - face to face

Both the instructor and the participant can communicate fully with each other Live.
Instructor can see all participants, and everyone can see the instructor - helping them improve their technique.
The instructor can hear all participants and they can hear him - ensuring the session is tailored to everyone’s needs.
Participants can speak to the instructor and vice versa – keeping engagement high and reducing the risk of injury.

How it works in 4 easy steps

1. Create a timetable
Create classes with your own instructors, FitSwarm can facilitate instructors for you – or a mixture of both.
2. Share and Promote
You’ll have your organisation’s own branded health platform to share.
3. Grant User Access
Create public classes that appear in the search function for all users, or ‘invite-only’ classes.
4. Charge for, subsidise or offer as a benefit
Whatever Fitswarm’s purpose is for you, it’s all under your control

What makes FitSwarm different?

Optimised Customer Experience
  • Designed specifically for needs of the health and wellness customer
  • Industry-leading audio and music functionality – allows integration with Apple Music
  • Unique privacy control features to protect the user
  • Displays multiple views of the trainer – allowing improved instruction
  • Emergency help – easily raise the alarm in case of emergencies
  • Live and recorded sessions available for replay, all in one place, easily searchable
Efficient Management of Sessions
  • Allows for session operator branding – clearly identify your organisation so everyone knows it’s you
  • All live sessions and recordings are stored in one central place making it easier to manage
  • Data analytics from all sessions enabling you to identify who attended and when
  • Tailored interface to make organising and controlling sessions easy
  • Monetisation features for organisations looking for new revenue streams

FitSwarm has been developed for

Healthcare Providers
  • Improve patient rehabilitation outcomes
  • Increase reach and frequency of health and wellness programmes
  • Strong patient privacy controls
  • Suited to multi-site companies and those with remote workers
  • Compliments existing employee health and well being programmes
  • Allows for increased scale and frequency of sessions
Gyms & Fitness Brands
  • Extend engagement and increase retention, especially of those shy of gym/studio environment
  • Generate new revenue stream
  • Access previously untapped customer groups
Local “Active” Partnerships
  • Expand provision of community initiatives, especially to those that are hard to reach
  • Low cost model enables more efficient use of valuable budget

Here’s what our clients say

From the very first session at East London NHS Trust, the level of engagement and fun has been off the charts! Staff are excited not only to be able to support the health and wellbeing of patients on wards, but also looking to the future of staff sessions. As an organisation, we see massive value in how FitSwarm can scale to support Health & Wellbeing across the entire organisation and local communities.

NHS London

The Harlequins Foundation are always looking for exciting and innovative ways to deliver sport to our communities. Partnering with FitSwarm is a great way of engaging people in a modern, exciting and accessible way to improve physical and mental health.

The Harlequins Foundation

The Mintridge Foundation is delighted to be working with FitSwarm to support the remote element of our mentoring programmes. It provides a fully safeguarded, dynamic system that will enable our programmes to be much more efficient and suited to the busy schedules of our student, teacher, parent, carer or Ambassador. It is great to work with an organisation with such similar values to us.

Mintridge Foundation

The feedback from our staff is very positive. It is a very relevant activity to support wellbeing in the workplace given the pace of work and aspirations we have as an organisation


Our guiding principles

Following a fitness or wellness regime needs to be looked forward to so that it lasts. So we keep the spirit of fun alive in our sessions
Real time guidance and encouragement from a real person, is tailored to each individual and so the overall fitness and wellbeing experience is improved for everyone.
The privacy and dignity of each attendee is always preserved. Though the expert can see and hear each individual participant, those attending the class do not see each other.

Real time guidance and encouragement from a real person, is tailored to each individual and so the overall fitness and wellbeing experience is improved for everyone.

With Fitswarm, nobody is ‘better’ than anybody else. Our service eliminates the natural tendency towards comparison with others, removing barriers for anyone who may find an open class unwanted or unhelpful for their personal journey

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